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“The British Are Coming, Ya’ll”

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July celebrations this week. We visited the King’s Mountain Military National Military Park for a few hours, and there were many families walking the trails, watching the movie, and exploring the museum and bookstore. We are blessed in South Carolina to have many state and national parks to visit.

During this week of the Fourth, another Revolutionary War author, Suzanne Adair, asked several authors to write on her blog about different aspects of the Revolutionary War. I thought you might be interested in visiting the site to read our discussions.

On the early evening of July 4, one of the HBO stations rebroadcast the last episode of the phenomenal PBS series about the life of John Adams. As soon as it was over, the Capitol Fourth, sponsored for the thirty-first year by PBS, began with stars and music to celebrate America’s birthday. If you missed this, you can catch most of the music at It is a hand-clapping concert that is over much too quickly, and the fireworks were spectacular over the Washington monuments.

Happy birthday, America!

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