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August 5 Book Launch for “Fearless Martha, A Daughter of the American Revolution”

On Friday, August 5, our friends and family joined us at 7:00 for the book launch of Fearless Martha, A Daughter of the American Revolution. Children and their grandparents kindly listened to my words of introduction to the biography on the life of Martha Bratton. I read the chapter, “Fearless Martha” and answered a few questions. Thank you for your love and support; John and I appreciate your allowing us to be part of your lives!

Our great niece was there that night and wrote me a letter after she finished reading Martha’s story. I would like to share a paragraph with you.
A quote I admired from this book was said by Colonel Bratton on page 61. He said, “I reckon my son opened my eyes mighty quick then. I taught my son he must always stand tall, and he reminded me that I too must stand tall. We must stand tall, brothers! We must stand tall for our families and friends. We must stand tall against the British and the Tories!”
This quote taught me to stand tall for everyone, not just for myself, but for my family and friends. I hope someday I could be as fearless as Martha.”
She certainly caught the importance of what we can learn from reading about the bravery and courage of the men and women who put their lives on the line for the freedom of our country. We need to keep sharing these stories with the next generation. As Dr. J. B. O. Landrum said in his book, Colonial and Revolutionary History of Upper South Carolina, “Let us preserve our memories, our traditions, and our history, not only for our own information and pride, but for the benefit of the generations that come after us.”

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