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Brave Elizabeth

Brave Elizabeth

We read about the presidents of the United States, but we don’t often think about what they were like as children. Sheila Ingle looks into the life of Andrew Jackson as a child following the story of his mother, Elizabeth Jackson, as she and her family fight for their land. She experiences loss and heartache, but through it all, she understand the what she is doing is important for her family and her country.

Follow her adventures in Brave Elizabeth! You will be surprised at what you discover about the forgotten stories of another heroine of the American Revolution!

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Teaching Resources for Brave Elizabeth:

Here are resources to be used in the classroom as you are reading Brave Elizabeth. My hope is that this will ease your load as a teacher and provide rich and meaningful conversations as well enrich your students’ understanding not only of Elizabeth Jackson, but also this important time period in history!

Brave Elizabeth Teacher Guide

Walking with Eliza Lesson Plans

Brave Elizabeth Teacher’s Guide Gingersnaps and Apple Cider

Brave Elizabeth Teacher Guide A Scots-Irish Family

Brave Elizabeth Teacher Guide Our State Horse

Brave Elizabeth Teacher Guide Journal Writing

Brave Elizabeth Teacher’s Guide Charleston Tea Party

Brave Elizabeth Teacher Guide Diseases During the Revolutionary War

Brave Elizabeth Teacher’s Guide What is Patriotism

Brave Elizabeth Teacher’s Guide Cooking in the Eighteenth Century

Brave Elizabeth Battle Research for Teacher Guide

Brave Elizabeth Teacher Guide Revolutionary War Songs

Walking With Eliza Found Objects Activity

Walking With Eliza Cooking Penmanship and Character

Walking With Eliza Assessment

Walking With Eliza Writing Activity

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